What is Moococracy?

It’s an online, learner-centered, social democracy for engaging in global social issues.  Our first course, Intro to Food Insecurity, is the first MOOC to implement and research the use of three new learning technologies.

We develop social learning democracies.

How? By implementing new learning formats and new tools into Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). We’re creating online social-learning democracies that explore attitudes about issues which impact everyday lives. Our team has published academic research and has decades of work experience in the areas of MOOCs, distance education, learning design and technology, public engagement, trust, and computer science.

Our Research

WHY MOOCocracy

We embrace all types of adult learners in a truly open MOOCocracy where learners set their own goal, evaluate their attitudes, and mobilize to create projects building a community knowledge base.


1. Advance democratic approaches to the resolution of complex social problems such as food insecurity, energy use, water quality, and sustainability. 

2. Advance the theories of informal online learning and knowledge-sharing, attitudes and attitude change, citizen engagement and mobilization, and computer science and learning technology design.